NOTE: If you have created an account before December, 2016 you have to activate the Akishop-Wallet (free of course) by going to Your Account.

What is Akishop-Wallet

Akishop-Wallet is a wallet system built into that makes it possible for the customer to deposit funds to a wallet in order to buy things from other places in Japan through Basically, it is a service that we started to help the customer buy things not sold directly by



How it works

So basically it works like this: You deposit funds to your Akishop-Wallet by going here. You choose what amount you want to upload and just follow the instructions, it is very simple. After you are done you can tell us what you want to buy or bid on and we will help you, just give us a link and some information about what you want to do either through e-mail or Live Chat. Once you won an auction or bought an item we will inform you once it arrives by uploading it as a product in the shop, just for you to see. You will now be able to pay for it with the Akishop-Wallet (you can add arcade parts from the shop to your order as well if you like, no extra fee will be added) and we will let you know, once shipped, what the tracking is for your package. That is how simple it is.
Please see the picture below for easy understanding.


General information

The maximum size and weight of a product that we can ship depends on what shipping option you use and what country you live in. If the product is over 1 meter in length or over weighs over 30 kilograms please contact us first.

There are plenty of forbidden items that we can not send. Please see below some prohibited items:

Explosive and flammable items: Any flammable liquids like Alcohol, Oil, Gasoline et.c), any sprays or gas tubes, gases et.c.
Illegal goods: Drugs, weapons of different sorts, guns, gunpowder et.c.
Living things: Plants, animals, seeds, mushrooms, bacteria et.c.
Other: There are other things as well as for example some products with batteries et.c.

If you are not sure about something please e-mail us before asking us to bid or buy a product.
Regarding custom duties there is a certain amount of goods you can import without paying custom fees. In the event that an item exceeds the duty-free limit, then you have to pay an import tax. These restrictions are different in each country. Please use a Google search in your language for "customs duty import" with your country name.

Your item(s) will ship after the goods have arrived and you have paid using your wallet, until then it will be in our warehouse. It is up to you to decide when and how you want them shipped, this is done when you pay for it using your wallet.
All packages have tracking numbers. Once the package has been shipped, then you will be able to track it. It is possible to re-package your goods to make it more durable, free of charge regardless the type of product. We do this in such a way that the package will be able to withstand most shipping situations.

Where to shop

You can shop anywhere you want including Yahoo Auctions Japan, Rakuten, SuperPotato, MAK Japan et.c but here are some examples that you might find interesting:

Anime / Manga




Books & Media


Games & Electronics






Shopping Mall










You pay for the item price, fee of 300 yen per item/auction, PayPal fee and international shipping fee. At times you will pay for the shipping fee for deliveries within Japan and bank transfer fee within Japan too. You do not pay for packing and consolidation fee. We always take a picture of the item and if needed (and possible) we can test the item for you. If you want to ask a seller something or want something translated we do this over e-mail as soon as possible, not through Live Chat. You can of course use Google Translate as well. Storing the product in our warehouse for more than 30 days will cost you 80yen/day per item.

You have to make a deposit first before you start buying/bidding. If you want to bid on an auction, then you should deposit enough money to at least cover the bid, fee (300 yen) and a potential domestic shipping fee and bank fee (around 300 yen). Once the item(s) you have purchased have arrived at our warehouse you have to pay for the international shipping fee as well.
You can also withdraw funds from your Akishop-Wallet. To get a refund please contact us through e-mail. Refunds are manually made and, as a result, it might take a 1-2 days to have it processed.

The payment method we use is PayPal and credit cards through their service. Deposits exceeding 100,000 Yen would be cheaper to do through an international bank transfer, but it will take 3-4 days, so please contact us for more information. There is a deposit fee for PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards of 5% + 40 JPY. There are no charges for international bank transfers. However, you must pay the bank transfer fee at your bank, otherwise we will deduct the transfer fee from your deposit in the Akishop-Wallet.

We only accept Japanese yen, PayPal converts the amount automatically into yen when you make a deposit. The conversion rate for Japanese yen is done automatically by PayPal which is available on their website. If you pay by International bank transfer your charges will be converted to yen by the current rate of your local bank on the day it arrives. We will add to your deposit exactly the amount which comes into our account in yen and not the amount displayed on the payment screen.


Q & A

Q1: Can I cancel a bid on Yahoo Auction Japan?
A1: You cannot cancel a bid. If the bid is made and you win the auction you have to pay for it, all bids are final.

Q2: How much does it cost in fees if I win an auction or buy an item?
A2: Here is an example:
You win an auction that ended at 8,900yen and the shipping to us is 320yen (no domestic bank fee).
Total cost: 8,900yen (auction price) + 320yen (shipping from the seller to our warehouse) + 300yen (our fee, around 3US$) + 5% PayPal fee (this is what PayPal takes regardless of what we do). Total (without shipping to you) = 9,996yen.
Shipping price to you depends on what you choose.

Q3: Can I buy anything I want?
A3: Check what we wrote under "General information" on this page.

Q4: Can I combine several items/auctions into one package?
A4: Yes you can. You choose when you want anything shipped by adding your items to the cart. 

Q5: What are the terms of storing items in your warehouse?
A5: You can keep your item in our warehouse for 30 days for free after which you will pay 80yen/day. Maximum storage period is 6 months. 

If you have any questions please let us know.